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Taxation services

The tax system in Hong Kong is relatively simple. However, they're still a significant part of the cost in business. Following our advices and our carefully structured tax plan, this main cost can be minimized wherever possible, bringing the maximum amount of profits for you, which is what we propose with great reputation.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) in Hong Kong is now very active and can be stressful to taxpayers in auditing them. We can save this stress by providing an appropriate plan to deal with the IRD with its enquiries, requirements and field audit. We can always assist and be helpful for you to focus on your business without much distraction from the taxes, which is taken care of by our plans.

However, we're surely not only limited to Hong Kong's market. Our services are stretched out around the globe, and any clients are welcomed.

We provide the following tax services:
  • Claim offshore trade or offshore service
  • Assist in handling the tax investigation and tax appeal
  • Assist client for field audit
  • Act as tax representative for dealing with Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong
  • Prepare and complete various tax returns

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